Charity as key component of our HeliosCoin GG (global goods) idea

Of course, at this stage of development, the HeliosCoin system is hard to compete with traditional payment methods offline. This system reveals its unique advantages in cross-border micropayments, in the purchase of virtual goods and even international charity.

With HeliosCoin, investors will be able to take a break from these remnants of traditional principles, so there is simply no minimum for the initial contribution, and it is possible to make and withdraw profits at any time, without any terms, problems and contributions to the exit.

Most of the crypto-enthusiasts are focused on making a profit. But, as practice shows, there is also a reverse side of the medal — people who decided to use the digital currency for charity purposes.

Recently, cryptocurrency is increasingly considered as a crowdfunding tool. A large number of charities, including the Red Cross, have introduced the possibility of donations to HeliosCoin. Also, the HeliosCoin platform was opened, which allows donors to make donations to charitable organizations.

In addition to donations and cryptocurrency tracking, a number of digital coins have been created to support specific non-profit programs for social purposes. For example, HeliosCoin is designed to raise money for a nonprofit charity, and provide clean water to families around the world. HeliosCoin, a charity coin that allows investors to both donate to charity and receive income from their investments.