Google unleashes one more wonder: Android People API

The google android has concocted an Android People API, a new innovation from its ever evolving factory of development tools. The new People API allows Android developers to retrieve profile information about an authenticated user’s connections from their contacts. Before they could develop this new API, developers had to undergo multiple calls to theGoogle+ API for user profiles and the Contacts API for contacts.

The People API employs refined protocols and improved technologies and is ready to replace the Contacts APIwhich is based on GData protocol.

The People API allows you to go through authenticated users’ Contacts and fetch their profile data.

Let’s make it simple to understand with an illustrated practical example. Ben is an authenticated user and has Michael and Nathan in his private contacts. So when the app initiates people.connections.list to retrieve the list of people, Ben will be presented with a consent screen asking to give permission to list the people. If Ben agrees, the app retrieves a list that contains Michael and Nathan. The app then calls people.get to get private and public data of both Michael and Nathan.

The main structure of API is formed based on HTTP and JSON. Any HTTP client can send request and parse the response.

Developers need to work a little more on Google Developers Console so that they can authorize the app to access the API service.

There is still more to this API than even became possible. Not only can you merge the data from multiple sources and APIs to form a common cohesive data source, the People API also provides additional data that was not available in previous attempts. So Private addresses,phone numbers, emails, birthdays, of a user in consent can be made viewable.

If you’re new to the Google APIs or the Developers Console, you can find data handy here on

Here is the brief direction on how Android People API will practically process the commands and calls:

Once you’re connected and authorized, you can then get the user’s connections like this

ListConnectionsResponse response = peopleService.people().connections().list("people/me").execute(); List<Person> connections = response.getConnections();

Each Person item will have a resource_name associated with it, so additional data for that person will be accessible via a simple call:

Person person = peopleService.people().get(“resourceName”).execute();

We are only hoping that these new discovery of Google API features and sophisticated access to premium data will encourage you to build rich, crisp and user-friendly web and mobile appsfor next generation. Now you can ensure more delightful moments of enhanced online experiences for your customers.

So Google has introduced one more wonder in form of People API that gives you more access of users data than ever. In order to get the most out of it, you need to ask any establishedAndroid developers to successfully install and run it. Surprise your app users with this new advanced phenomenon. Go to our website and find out more about such latest innovation and how we can help you implement them to your app to enhance its features.

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