mCommerce or eCommerce — What will survive the test of time?

The shift from the desktop to mobile has been a sudden and radical and one of the biggest reasons for this shift is that internet browsing can happen anywhere or anytime. Life has become much simpler and faster with the internet being at your disposal anytime. Outsourcing E-Commerce Development India offers high end solutions at extremely competitive prices.

The conversion through desktop version is higher than mobile even now. One of the biggest reasons is the screen size. So many users conduct the research on the mobile version and then finally buy the product while browsing on the desktop. So this way the users or the customers are able to save time by looking for the products while on the go but confirm the purchase and pay through desktop site.

Only App Does not Work

Going only app narrows your audience and decreases the scope of sales. For this reason, many brands that started out as eCommerce platform and eventually became mCommerce had to come back to the customers as their audience was limited.

Choose a Mix of eCommerce & mCommerce

When you are an online shopping brand, it is always recommended to have both. But if you are a business that is reaching out to client online, then it is not yet compulsory to have applications. A desktop version that is compatible for viewing across browsers and devices should do the needful.

With the online shopping taking shopping experiences to the new level, the scope of the mCommerce is increasing. The advantages and disadvantages are with eCommerce and mCommerce but at this point, both are here to stay for while. One of the trends that has picked up is the Cross — Channel which is much in demand. So if you are an eCommerce business, please consider mCommerce as the part of the plan.

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