Tricks which makes your customer stay on your Business Website

Retention of existing customers is the biggest challenge for every business in the world. Very few are very lucky to have a specific group of clients attached to them for longer times. Having loyal customers and holding them for longer time is a very crucial for every business. in this article, let us discuss few issues and their solutions for customer retention.

Why Customers Leave? — Simply because they get some better option. According to the survey done by a company says that majority of customers leave because of bad user experience in terms of rude behavior or non-skilled staff giving unsatisfactory answers to their questions. For any online business, the user experience might contain the ease of use and clarity in the shopping processes and post shopping services such as door delivery. If you shopping and payment process have any problems or issues then users will surely leave with doubts of fraud in their minds.

Businesses must take care of their existing customers and try to retain them for longer time. Here are some tips to retain your customers and add to your profits.

  • Reduce Attrition — Marketing is not about just gaining more number of customers but to retain them for future business. Many companies invest most of their budget for attracting new customers but pay very less attention to existing inactive customers who are already in their lists. They just forget about the customer when the sales process is over and do not even contact them thereafter. This is not good idea for creating successful businesses. You must keep in touch with your customers and send them special offers whenever possible.
  • Sell once and sell again — Enthusiastic marketers make their initial sales with zeal and passion but after that they simply ignore the customers. Actually this is the time when you can get some more business with your initial efforts by offering some more products to these customers. Tell your customers that they have made right choice by initiating the relations with your business and you are interested in extending them for longer time

Apart from the quality of the products or services you offer to your customers there are many other factors that can make impact on your business and customer retention. When customer comes to you for the first time, he is not aware of product quality or costs etc and he is not even looking at these things. What matters most at that time is your staff skills and treatment that is given to your customer. Here are few factors that can retain customers –

  • Staff behavior and customer service — This is the prominent feature that a customer notices as soon as he enters your shop or office. If nobody is attending a customer or ignoring him then your customer will choose to leave and will not turn up there after.
  • Personalized Experience — Everybody likes to feel special so does your customer. If you can give him that feeling then he will surely come back for more.
  • Right information at right time — Providing all details to customer is a necessary thing for any business owner. However, there must be right timing to provide this info by increasing your customer interest in your products.

Every business right from big corporate house to small shop are eager to retain their customers in every possible way. Fact behind this logic is to re-use the efforts invested in gaining the customers for once. Hope that information presented above helps you find ways to retain your customers.

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