Why ReactJs is a Popular Choice for Mobile App Development?

In the steeply competitive mobile app development space you need to be equipped with the right tool to meet with the challenges posed by the competition. In today’s post we would focus on why a mobile app development agency banks on ReactJS for developing an app for their business.

Before we begin, let us tell you that ReactJS is a JavaScript library and it is completely different from React Native which is a JavaScript framework for building native apps.

Let’s put a glance at the reasons behind the popularity of ReactJS among mobile app development experts:

Easy to comprehend

This JavaScript library developed by Facebook is very easy to grasp and you can easily learn its basic insights. This JS library is not fully featured and is a V which stands for View in the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. However, you can learn more about React and how to build mobile apps with it via numerous video tutorials available around.

Allows writing components easily

Facebook added an amazing feature to this JS library called JSX. It is a JavaScript Extension syntax that allows you to combine HTML and JavaScript; hence enables you to write components easily. Since, it doesn’t compel you to follow complex rules, custom component development and complex app development becomes simpler.

Reusable components

This JS library supports component reusability which in turn has tremendous benefits. As you can use reusable components of other apps, the speed and efficiency of app development is enhanced too. Moreover, you can use the components of your current app which is under development in near future for other applications.

Open source library

ReactJS opens doors of opportunities for you by offering you the open source library for both mobile and web development. It is a great advantage in itself as you are not confined to any limitations for templates, patterns and complex pattern. You can constantly make it evolve by contributing to its source code.

Presence of virtual DOM

It brings the benefit of virtual DOM to your applications by allowing you to develop faster and render amazing user experience to your customers. Virtual DOM, in brief, is a logical structure which is available in various formats like XML, XHTML or HTML.

Furthermore, it has other benefits such as building isomorphic apps and search engine optimization.

Advantages for mobile app owners

ReactJS is not only beneficial for app developers but for app owners as well. It brings several benefits to your business including smooth rendering of data, increase business productivity, establish connection with customers by working on any kind of device.

Moreover, it also helps you with many benefits like responsive design, advanced notification management, etc.

Now it’s your turn

Have you ever used ReactJS in your mobile app development project? Why or why not? We are eager to know your views, please start a conversation by leaving your comments below.

Originally published at medium.com on August 29, 2017.