Why You Should Prefer WordPress over Other CMS … — Posts

Survey findings show that WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and it has got the largest share of the market pie of CMSs, i.e. 58.7 percent whereas its competitors Joomla and Drupal are far behind with only 7.1 percent and 4.7 percent respectively. No wonder that many notable big brands including BBC America, The New Yorker, Sony Music and MTV Music are relying on WordPress to enhance their brand visibility. This in itself speaks volumes about WordPress; we still bring you some compelling reasons why a website development agency recommends WordPress rather than other CMS in the market:


Being open source software, WordPress comes for free and thus enables you to save a great deal of money. Moreover, it is so easy and convenient to use that you do not even need to depend on a WordPress specialist agency for carrying out basic text changes, adding blog posts or new pages.

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Responsive Design

As the number of mobile users have increased significantly over the years, it is indispensable for businesses to have mobile responsive websites. WordPress automatically recognizes whether the user is browsing your site via desktop or mobile devices and configures your website content to be viewed accordingly.

Seamless Media Integration

It allows you to integrate all types of media such as video, audio, images, graphs, tables, etc in order to enhance your written content and use them to reinforce your brand.

Highly Secure

Although some users are skeptical about WordPress security since it uses third party plugins, but these vulnerabilities are tackled by the hacker proof “hardening” technique at the time of WordPress installation.

SEO is Ultimate

WordPress sites allows you to customize nearly all the posts and pages making it more inviting for Google and increasing your sites’ chances of getting indexed with high ranking in search engine results pages. You can also configure you’re your site with premium SEO plugins and ensure higher ranks in SERPs without much efforts.

Facilitates Two-Way Communication

WordPress allows you to be directly in touch with your customers via the comment channel instead of restricting you to have outbound communications with your audience as in traditional websites. You can also build ideal search engines positioning by using filtered keywords in a comment that you can post anonymously; thus enhance the productivity of two-way communication.

Now you know why WordPress is the perfect choice to build an exceptionally dynamic and content driven website.

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