Why you should use AngularJS for App Development?

This open source framework by Google has moved mountains in the web application development industry. It is proving to be among the most preferred technology by web development experts for single page applications and web application development. It is client side technology which suits the modern web application development to create rich and robust experiences.

AngularJS — The King of Web App Development

The areas of development will require people to reckoning with the most impressive ways of technology orientation. It is important to consider the areas of development within the parameters for the web application development.

Two Way Data Binding

AngularJS is one of those technologies which has become popular because of this feature. The two way data binding makes development simple and AngularJS Development Experts happen to love it! It works in real time where the development process can be undertaken with convenience. It offers projection models to application view which makes it easy for the AngularJS developers.

Declarative User Interface

A server side and client side technology offer declarative language which offer intuitive interface in JavaScript coding. If you are web development specialist using an interface written in JavaScript, then you can rest assured that the HTML code will support the interface. AngularJS is indeed amazing as it uses HTML to define apps user interface. App development is simplified with WYSIWYG.

High End Testing

Since the launch of Angular2, AngularJS framework has become even better. It has come with improved testing features and the current vulnerabilities have been removed. So developing a web application with the help of AngularJS is much easier. Testing is very effective and rich but also very convenient. It comes with end to end testing runner setup which conducts testing of web applications.

MVVM Architecture

It uses the MVC — Model View Controller model which allow easy building of cliend side web applications. AngularJS uses the MVC structure which is clode to MVVM model — Model View ViewModel structure. The MVVM model support the modern web application development process.

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