Indus Water Treaty : Rethinking India’s diplomacy (#RevokeINDUSTreaty)

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The burning question after the Attacks of #Uri conducted by Pakistan’s State sponsored terrorist is how could Indian Govt retaliate back to them. India has been facing attacks by Pakistani terrorist since quiet a long time and has a long history of betrayal by Pakistan. 18 Indian Army jawans were martyred after the disgraceful attack on Army camp in Uri. No firm actions has been taken yet against the culprit nation and instead of retaliation “Kadi Ninda” was done (as usual). The defense strategist have many theory now, the first one is to attack their Terrorist Hideouts, waging a silent-war, Demanding freedom for Balochistan & Sindh. But the one which could be affective to our backstabber neighbors could be Pakistan’s International Isolation.

Yesterday, John Kerry asked Nawaz Sharif to act on Uri Attack and gets tough on him. Before that, Putin backed off Military training with Pakistan Army. But isolating Pakistan globally ain’t that easy as the dragons stand in front of them. So how could India be “Diplomatic Offensive?” . There is one powerful overlooked option since ages.

Let’s turn the pages of our history books,

Indus River and the Map of India & Pakistan

Indus river originates from Tibet (China occupied) in the vicinity of Mount Kailash and Mansarovar lake and it runs through ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and than flows along the entire length of punjab to merge into Arabian sea near Karachi, Pakistan. The route of river Indus is shown in above image. It goes to Ladakh first in India than it goes to Pakistan occupied Kashmir.


There are five rivers namely Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej. So the Indus basin consists to 6 rivers in total as shown in the above image. Ultimately, all the rivers meet at Pakistan to submerge into Arabian sea.(Place: Mithankot).

Just after the Independence of India and Pakistan, the Indus river and it’s tributaries became a major dispute. Pakistan, as an opponent to India didn’t trust India and had a feeling that India may cut the flow of the rivers by obstructing it with a dam or either diverting the flow, because Indus Basin is vital resource for Pakistan for Water supply, irrigation etc. Pakistan raised this issue, and World Bank became a mediator for the issue of Indus water and after that IWT( Indus Water Treaty) was signed on September 1960.

It was decided that Ravi , Beas and Sutlej could be used by India and the Rivers from upper part (Indus, Jhelum and Chenab) could be used by Pakistan and India shall not interfere into that. There was also a transition period of 10 years in which India was bound to supply water to Pakistan until Pakistan was able to build canal ! India Agreed [!] Moreover, Pakistan opposed some of India’s Hydro-electricity projects on the rivers. (As Expected)

India has been so Generous (Sarcasm intended), our Strategist and presidents believe that generosity is key to friendship. But this is not the case, we have in past gave Haji Pir pass to Pakistan, Kabaw Valley to burma and Aksai Chin to China & Now the Indus Basin. After IWT, India fought three wars with Pakistan 1965, 1971 and LOC Kargil and Not even a single time we tried to Revoke Indus Water Treaty. Reason is still unknown, but my article would focus on that !

What we Gained in IWT?

Nothing ! 18 % of the total Indus basin water is only allocated to India. The river Ravi, Beas and Sutlej doesn’t contains significant amount of water. Whereas Pakistan got 82% of Total Water of Indus basin ! Moreover, all the six rivers meet in Pakistan , so Pakistan could also use India’s allocated three rivers. Hence, it was a total loss from our point of view

The River Indus goes towards down-stream from Ladakh towards Pakistan, hence India has the complete control over it (If we wish too), We could obstruct the Indus and it’s sister river’s which flows towards Pakistan but we haven’t done it yet.

Let’s think in Other way, China holds the Control of Major rivers flowing into India, Most importantly Brahmaputra (1/3rd Water share in India) . China is at upper portion from India, by getting that advantage China has started build dams over the rivers which basically pass to India from Tibet and Obstructing our Water. There is a lot of dispute going on, But Chinese being Chinese & Indians being Indians we couldn’t do anything. Same way, There was a Issue between America & Mexico where river colorado flows from America towards Mexico and America decided to give only 10% to Mexico but in our case we are so so generous that we give 80% to Pakistan. Irony died when Pakistan greets our generous behavior by sending State sponsored terrorists to India. *Slowly Claps*

What are consequences ?

First we are getting 18% of water from the Rivers flowing in Northern Parts of India and we are giving 82% to Pakistan. Pakistan invites China to Build Dams in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (MEGA DAMS) and ultimately our J&K Suffers. Moreover, Pakistan pushes India’s dam project over Indus basin into neutral mode by appealing in World Forum. But wait, our Govt is still sleeping, it’s been 5 decades we are doing nothing. I remember, the official page of IWT where Nehru Mentioned we are allowing pakistan to use Waters of Indus as a gesture of Goodwill .


Now, If you understood what i wanted to say here, is India’s Diplomacy has gone far wrong than intended. Now, it’s the time we need to join the pieces and be offensive. Pakistan PM is busy giving Anti-India, Pro Kashmir freedom statement and wait where is our PM? We Indian citizens are the ones who needs to voice for this #RevokeINDUSTreaty . If we act OFFENSIVE towards them just once, second time they would think.

We need to rethink our Diplomacy and do something until everything is over-flown. This came straight to you From Hell Shield Hackers Leader!

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