Apple Music removed most of my playlist

I’ve been using Apple Music since it launched almost a year ago. When the free trial period was up, I decided I was happy enough with the service to continue using it in favor of my Spotify subscription. Sure, the interface and UI of Itunes and Apple Music drive me nuts, but I really like how it blends and streams my purchased music with my subscription music. Sadly several artists I enjoy listening to are not available in the Apple Music or Spotify catalogues.

So I’ve been subscribing to and using Apple Music for a year. I’m using it on my Mac, my Iphone and my Ipad almost every day and it worked fine. I have a few playlists but mainly using two of them, and especially the one called “Good songs” (not a very creative name, I know) which is like a favorite list of songs and artists I’ve discovered during this past year. Sometimes I listen to the playlist from the beginning, but most often I start somewhere in the middle or near the bottom where the newest songs are added and keep exploring full albums or related artists from there. I could’ve “hearted” the songs instead, and I do have a smart playlists for those, but that list became less curated to me. Needless to say, that particular playlist is important to me.

Last night I discovered the playlist was empty, short of only two songs.

At first I thought my Iphone was acting up, but soon realized the songs was gone from all of my other devices too, as this playlist is stored in iCloud. I kind of panicked and immediately tried various ideas, like making sure every related checkbox was ticked in, if there was a Time Machine backup, signing in and out of Apple Music and iCloud to see if my playlist was redownloaded. Nothing. All my other playlists were intact, and there’s little chance I accidently manually deleted 99% of it, especially not while still keeping only two songs and the playlist itself.

Apple Support

The playlist still listed several of the artists under the “Artists in This Playlist” sidebar, so I thought maybe there was a chance that Apple Support could help me with this. After they called me up and I shared my screen, and went through some settings, they told me there was nothing they could do. There’s no iCloud backup that they could retrieve for me and no ideas of what have happened to my songs. “Add them again” was the only solution offered, but I can’t remember all the good stuff I’ve discovered and saved for the past year.

Now what?

I don’t know, I’m out of ideas. A part of my want to end my Apple Music subscription because I obviously can’t trust them with my playlists anymore. But going back to Spotify would mean I lose the unique features of iTunes and Apple Music that I’ve gotten used to.

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