6 Uncommon habits to a productive life

The good news, some are “bad” habits that you’ve been trying to break away from


Learn to say no

Say no more and say it often.

Only say yes to things that we value, want and protect. If you were to put a hefty price tag on every yes you give out, would you have that many yes to your friends, family, and boss?

Saying no to other means more time for yourself to work on the things that you care the most for and not someone else’s errands and to-do list.



You’re probably scratching your head? Yes procrastination can give you a more productive life. Let me explain.

When you are under time constraint, the shortest path to complete will become clear to you without compromises. On the flip side, when you have an unlimited time to work on a project, you are prone derail from your goal and focus on things that doesn’t even matter to the project.

Use procrastination to give you a clear view on what’s important and what’s the shortest path to get to your end goal without any compromises.

*use with caution.


Power Naps

Feeling that food coma after lunch? Try taking a power nap to restore your bounce for the rest of the work day. It is shown that a 20 minutes naps can increase alertness at work, which translates to an increase in productivity.

Here’s an interesting fact, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was know for taking power naps before giving public speeches.



The environment you set up rather it’s at the office or at home can effect your productivity. A messy desk can lead to distracted thinking which spirals down to sub-optimal productivity.

Tidying and decluttering your work space means throwing away things that you no longer need. Here’s a sound advice on decluttering from Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up: The Japanese Art of Declutter and Organizing.

Ask yourself if it sparks joy, and if it doesn’t, thank it for its service and get rid of it.


Turn off your spell checker

Learning how to be your own spell-checker can not only reduce embarrassment but also cut down your proofreading time.

Strengthen your spelling muscle so you can spot the blind spots that even spell checkers can’t pick up.

Here’s an example from How to Not Write Bad:

“The [pengellem] is swinging fully against finance reform,” Vogel said.

It should be pendulum.


Eating with no distraction

Happy Asian kid

Eating without distraction gives your brain a reset. When you are eating without distraction (on your phone reading witty reddit’s comments), your brain is subconsciously recharging.

So if your job is mentally demanding, use this hour break to recharge and regain the energy so you can power through the rest of the day.

by Kate Chan

Hi Kate here and thanks for reading! Do you have any unconventional habits that you do to increase your productivity, if so, share with me below. I’d like to spend more time to play with my dog, Tiger.

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