Live Like a Child
Aaron Charles

Enjoy your piece here about fear Aaron. It seems we all share the same set of fear: fear of not making it, fear of judgement ..

Most of us start to fear when we start going to school,our first social contact to the outside world.

We learn to fear because we all want to conform and blend in to the group. We learn to fear that Chinese lunchbox is not as cool as a PB&J sealed up in a brown paper bag or by middle school, we learn that rolly backpack is nerdy, Victoria’s Secret paper bag is the cool thing to carry books with.

I learned fear from my parents.

I grew up in a VERY protective family, meaning I was constantly reminded that I’ll get hurt or something bad will happen to me if I do this or that.

I remember at one instance I couldn’t play in the sandbox with my friends because my parents said there are germs and who knows what in it — which cultured into my germaphobic nature. Surprise.

Even today, my parents are still constantly injecting doubts in me which later nurture into fear as to what I’m doing.

You are too old to run a startup. You are too old to explore new things, get married, settled down.

I still fear about what they say, but my biggest fear, is regret. Regret that I listened to someone’s prescriptive based on his/her past experiences, an experiences that I will never get if I don’t even jump into the sandbox and play.

P.S You guys are a youngster Aaron Charles jason patrick lewis 😱

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