Five Creative Ways to Use Medium

Kate Chan
Kate Chan
Jul 23, 2016 · Unlisted

For entrepreneurs, marketers and anyone who has a digital business.

Most people see Medium as another writing platform with a pretty interface. As a marketer, I see Medium as a multi-purpose platform that you can use other than writing your startup life.

Below are five creative ways you can use Medium for growing your personal brand, to landing your dream job.

ONE. Free Advertising Space for Your ebook

If you are on a tight budget, Medium is a free advertising space that you can use to promote your eBook. To generate interest from potential readers, you can even offer sample chapters in exchange for their emails. What you will end up with are exposure to potential customers and a healthy email list.

*Rabbut now has the ability to send out sample chapters directly to your new subscribers the moment they enter their email. Contact to get started.

source: A Startup’s Roadmap to Validation by Jon Lee

This is how to set up your ebook promotion on Medium.

TWO. Plain vanilla resume.

With the current job market, even a perfect resume doesn’t guarantee you will get the job in the bag. Employers are looking beyond the polish resume.

Do you have any side project that demonstrate your ability to solve their problems?

Let’s say that you have minimal experience in content marketing, you can use Medium to kickstart your career. You can start off by growing your own publication, doing so will achieve two things, one you show your future employer that you are capable of growing them a group of audiences, second the audiences and fans are yours to keep. For every audience or fan you gain, the more influential you are in your domain. That’s invaluable for your career.

Think of a problem that your employer is trying to solve, then use Medium to express your view and approach on solving that problem. A major bonus point, do a case study to showcase how you solve a problem for them by doing x,y and z.

Three. Grow your email list

The rule of marketing goes something like this ( I just made up that rule), wherever you are on a platform, it’s an opportunity to collect emails from your potential customers, and fans.

For a long time, email is the go-to channel to communicate with your fans and customers directly. It still holds true today. So if you’re an entrepreneur starting to build a loyal following for your products or an aspiring content marketer, emails list is a must-have in your growth arsenal toolkit.

source: Do things you hate, love yourself more by Tiffany Sun

This is how we set up an email box on our Medium posts.

FOUR. Host a Media Kit

Media kit, or sometimes called a press kit, is a way for the press to get the information of your company in one glance. If your website is still under development, you can use Medium as temporary platform to host your media kit so reporters can still get gather information from your company to write about. And the best thing, anyone can create a media kit as Medium as it requires no technical knowledge.

Here’s an excellent example by BlackBox.

Five. Meeting New People

No man is an island, that’s why connections are the pillar to any digital business. Without fans, friends, support, your idea, products will have a tough time of getting the words out. Luckily, Medium is a watering hole for many entrepreneurs, veteran content marketers, which is why you should interacting with people on Medium. Start by commenting on the people’s posts that you are generally curious about, and not because of their status. You’d be surprise how a small conversation can bring you a new friendship that may help you down the road in your career or in life.

How do you use aside from writing about the dude who made your burrito?


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