Which “Game of Thrones’ Character is your pet?


Always watching and poised to strike. Cersei waits for the perfect moment before swatting her stuffed mice left and right like Mike Tyson in a box match. With Cersei looking cute and innocent, you couldn’t have guessed that underneath all that soft, cuddly hair, she’s really a tigress at heart.

John Snow

Some likes to give him ugly nicknames about his past, but words doesn’t seem to bother him. He’s the type of guy who’s not easily disturbed by the external elements.

Pro tips: When you get stress in life, just look into his soulful eyes and all your problems will temporary disappear.

When he’s not guarding beyond the wall, turning himself into a popsicle, he enjoys sunbathing on the deck on a lazy Saturday’s afternoon.

Daenerys Targaryen

The mother of 5 kittens, the chain breaker of cat collars, the protector of salmon pie …well you know the deal.

Being a mother of 5 kittens herself, she’s tame around kids and babies. She can get a little protective with kids sometimes. She was caught on a nanny cam once, where she reached out her left paw and knocked out a blood-thirsty mosquitoes — who happened to be charging toward baby Amy’s Michelin legs.

If you have kids at home, she would make a perfect nanny.

Arya Stark

She is a mess sometimes, but when she’s groomed and washed, I bet you wouldn’t recognized her. She’s a beautiful lady with royal blood in her.

She has a curious mind and love to explore. On her latest exploration, she got too focus on chasing after a rainbow butterfly and fell into a rapid river — no broken bones reported.

If you like to hike and to explore the world, she would be a great match for you.