Making Money is Easier Than Ever.

With a little observation, a little rule bending and a little daring.

I spoked with friend recently about his job as a fitness instructor. He hated it, the pay, the people at the gym.

What are you going to do about it?

Making Money is easier than ever.

Decades ago, people needed to exert physical energy to make a living. Now we pay to go to the gym to sweat.

My grandfather used to haul rich people around town in the Chinese carriage under the burning sun. My grandmother would spend the whole day in the field plucking and planting cabbage, the repetitive movement put strenuously pressure on her back and arms.

You think life is hard right now it was a lot worst years ago. In fact we are in best era of making money. Here’s a little story that illustrate what I mean.

I earned a year’s worth of college tuition selling Women’s yoga pants.

One time I was visiting a high-end gym and inside they sell gym clothing, specific yoga pants. They had little foot traffic because the store is tucked away in the corner of the gym. What I’ve noticed is that their inventory on Lululemon yoga pants were about two seasons behind, that was when my aha moment kicked in.

You ever heard that to break into an industry, it’s best you know the industry in-side-out first?

I knew these pants would sell because for this particular yoga brand as they only produced a limited quality on all the styles creating this high surge of demand on Ebay. So I brought a few pair of Yoga pants and set up an online store to test the market. As predicted, people loved what they see and were willing to pay up to 3 folds of the price that I paid for those pants.

In a 6 months period, I brought the whole store inventory, and were able to pay for one year’s wroth of my college tuition (40K USD).

What are you going to do about it?

Going back to my friend’s problem about feeling stuck and stagnated at work. His problem isn’t unique, it happens to everyone. What’s unique is that what you are going to do about the situation. Some people complain, and head back straight into the infinite loop of complain, move one, complain cycle. Case in point, that was my friend. I think he is very capable of moving out of the rugged. He trained with the top MMA fighters and has 50K Instagram followers and a growing audience on his Youtube channel. That’s enough to get him to move his career up a notch.

So when you feel down and small about your work life, ask yourself what’re you going to do about it? Until you come up with a plan or do something about it, you’re just complaining.

Hi Kate here and thanks for reading. Do you have stories to share where you made money online? Share with me below, I find it intriguing to hear the possibilities of making money online.