What a missing sock taught me about finding the perfect guy.

Anyone who does her laundry has experienced this before.

The laundry monster ate my sock again.

I remarked, holding up the singular rainbow sock while the other half is missing in action.I shrugged and put the rest of the clothing away — carried on with my life. It happened too often and from experiences I knew it was somewhere in my house. That sock just decided to take a break from its partner and it will show up when the time comes.

Days after, the sock showed up.

Our life is filled with these missing sock moment. We can even say that it extends to finding the right guy, your other half of the missing “sock”.

We have looked under the couch, under the rug, in the bathtub but no sign of that missing sock — as if the sock is playing hide and seek with you. You got tired, sat down, on the edge of giving up, then you felt something uncomfortable wedge between your butt cracks. There, your missing “sock”

We tried hard to seek for our perfect halves, along the ways we’ve found a gold-toed sock, a bright neon green sock, all of which don’t match the one you have. No matter how hard you make your mind believing that it’s okay to have mismatching sock, we know deep down it’s not our kind of sock. Maybe we should try a different approach, something that we knew very well of from our laundry experiences.

The trick of finding the right man is to not look for him.

When the condition is aligned, the right time, the right weather, the right location, he will show up in the most unexpected moment. When that moment hits, you know you have found him. He is your missing sock that you have been seeking all over.


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