Hello backers,

We are particularly thankful at this time of year for having a community like ours — the community that you all comprise.

Shipping a complicated hardware product like Ellipse, developing and maintaining multiple apps has been a lot of work for our small team, so please accept our apologies for the slowdown in communications.

We wanted to let you know that despite our best efforts, we have not yet met our shipping milestone of shipping out all orders. To date we’ve shipped 4124 orders and we have another 1339 units in transit to our fulfillment center, ready to go out to more customers. Despite our best efforts, we have fallen short in fulfilling all deliveries, but we are focused on completing all shipments as quickly as possible.

Shipping notifications will be emailed out with tracking information, when your Ellipse mails out, so you should be able to see when your unit is set to arrive. We are shooting to get all orders out by the end of November in time for the holidays. We know most of you have been waiting a long time, and we appreciate your patience. Bringing Ellipse lock has been a long road for us as well, and we are excited to grow our company and help bring about more features down the road.

We’ve hit the final home stretch, and are doing all we can to get over this last hiccup. With a large number of our backers having Ellipses in hand, we’re excited to see users riding with our locks how you all will further enrich our already vibrant community.

With gratitude,

Team Lattis

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