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The Skylock antenna is one of the most critical parts of development. Apart from the capacitive touchpad, the antenna is the only way for Skylock to communicate with the user. We want to offer a strong bluetooth signal that will allow users latitude in monitoring their bikes.

Most Bluetooth Low Energy solutions nowadays, including our competitors, use a chip antenna on the module. For wearables or plastic covered products it works fairly well, but for Skylock the challenge is much greater. Since Skylock has to be as solid as possible to secure your bike, the electronics are shielded inside a strong steel body. That implies the use of metal that interferes with the Radio Frequency signals. A chip antenna on our module would be completely shielded and the range of Skylock would greatly suffer.

Our objective is therefore to port the antenna from the main board. We are solving that issue with a custom tuned antenna specific for our application. Having an external antenna will give the best performances and range for the user. While this development is more challenging and will require us to do a full FCC certification, we believe it’s the best wireless solution for Skylock.

Ellipse by Lattis, formerly Skylock. A smarter bike lock. Keyless. Theft alert. Crash alert. Bike sharing. Solar powered.

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