You’ve got a ticket to riiiiide!

We are so excited to announce that as of this Wednesday, we began production of the first batch of Skylocks at our manufacturing plant in Taiwan. We have received awesome support from you, our customers, in getting to this critical milestone. We couldn’t be more excited!

If you pre-ordered your Skylock from us over the past few months, expect to hook it onto your bike by mid-January. Pre-ordered locks will be the first to ship (there were a lot of you, hooray!), and we will begin rollout of Skylocks to retailers in early April. If you want to get your Skylock in January for a 35% discount, there’s still time! Just order online to reserve yours now.

We appreciate our customers’ patience over the past few months, and we want to explain why. We wanted to jump the gun and make improvements to the lock (hardware and security software) that we originally thought wouldn’t be possible until our second-gen locks came out. But we got it done, in a fraction of the time we expected (mostly due to our team of engineers working a lot of weekends and subsisting on a diet of Chinese take-out late into every night) — and with FLYING colors! What are the improvements? You’ll have to check back in next week, when we reveal the great things we’ve added to make your Skylock that much cooler, that much stronger, and impenetrably safe.

As the Beatles said, you’ve got a ticket to ride! Ride with Skylock, that is. The smartest, toughest bike lock the world has ever seen.

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