Passion Projects | I’m a photographer…but not as you know it

I spent some time a few years back becoming a photography purist.

I had a big ole SLR with all the lenses, I loved to click a proper clicky button, holding the camera up to my eye, holding my breath to make sure it was focused.

Then I got an iPhone and my SLR began to take a back seat — carting the huge lump of camera around became more of a chore. The iPhone’s camera was amazing, and it’s as light as a feather. I still love my SLR, it’s a hark back to the good old days but my point is, the purist in me has had her mind opened.

Since those days, I’ve moved on even further. My iPhone is still my camera of choice but I now take photos of video games and I absolutely love it.

What? Why is a *cough* year old playing video games? A line I may have even used myself if I hadn’t been through what I had over the last few years.

So after buying myself a Playstation 4 and one of my favourite franchises, Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s been my sanctuary — I’ve never been one to conform.

Within the game you have access to the Rockstar Editor. You record video of your gameplay and once in the editor, you have full perspective, the ability to move the camera around 360 degrees, add filters and change depth of field.

These options are what I use to create photographs, but the editor is fully adapted for the creation of videos and since the game was released, almost 4 years ago, there’s been some absolutely fantastic creations.

I’ve developed a deeper love of cars and motorbikes and the sunsets in game are to die for — all of my work can be seen on my Instagram page or over on Twitter. Check them out if you get a minute.

The GTA5 community is huge, I’ve been a part of it for a year, during that time I’ve met some incredibly awesome people from all over the world — I’ve also been fortunate enough to livestream with Rockstar Games on YouTube, followed by them on Instagram, and they’ve reposted my photos.

Being recognised by the game developer for photographs you’re taking time to create as a hobby, is an incredibly huge honour.

I’ve also just hit 4,000 followers on Instagram, which was always a goal, but again with all social media channels my drive isn’t likes and follows, although they’re obviously awesome — it’s about the relationships you have and the passion you portray. I love what I do, I hope that comes across in my work and I’m hugely grateful.

So this is my passion project, this is the thing I spend a lot of my free time doing, thinking, planning, organising it’s helped me reach goals, make friends and things I aspired to achieve.

It’s made me realise having a passion for something and following through on it, despite the naysayers, is always going to guarantee success up to whatever level you choose.

So what do you love doing? What occupies most of your free thoughts and are you putting those thoughts into practice?


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