A Revelation

Finding God wasn’t easy for me I struggled with self identity. I was in such a dark place, but every step he stepped with me. I would sometimes think it was ok to settle for less. Finding God has truly been a journey. Love giving and caring about everyone despite what difference you may have is the way God wanted me to love. Spreading his word around the world is my purpose. There was times where I wondered if I was the right person to do the job. God constantly reminded me that all things are possible through him. I was once in fear about speaking about how good he is. God brought me from the fear he seen it was keeping me stagnant. I wasn’t able to move, my blessings were being blocked my mind was not focus on showing the world how good he is through me. Now that I have found God blessing rain down abundantly. He has blessed me with so much through fasting I was able to reach him giving up sex and even doing a water diet for 2 whole weeks I was able to see worldly things for what they actually were just worldly things. When stuck in that place of fear remember God is always with you he will never let you walk this walk of life alone.