7 ways to make the most out of Swapcard at the Summit

As the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is fast approaching, here is a short guide on how to use Swapcard!

Hello Tomorrow
Mar 6 · 2 min read

But first of all, what is Swapcard? Swapcard is an event and networking application that you will download on your phone before the Global Summit. Here is how Swapcard will be a valuable tool to make the most out of your experience at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit:

1. Network: you can find all the attendees and send an invitation to connect with people you’re interested in. You can arrange meetings both before and during the Summit. There will be a Swapcard support desk in the matching centre to help you navigate the event app and explore the different options.

2. Advertise your company: Strengthen your profile by adding information about your company. A quick way to gain visibility and meet leads and clients.

3. Remind relevant sessions: You can check the program on the app, bookmark the sessions you are interested in by clicking on the calendar icon. During the Summit, Swapcard will send you a reminder so you don’t miss out on anything!

4. Find the best innovations: Our Startups showcase change every half-day. Make sure you don’t miss the ones you’re interested in by browsing through the Showcase startups calendar on the app. You will also find information on all of our TOP500 startups, our Industry partners and our Summit partners.

5. Interact with our speakers: Swapcard links you to Sli.do to ask your burning questions or give us your opinion on the Main Stage and the Deeptech Academy.

6. Find your way: you will always carry a map with you, directly on your phone!

The map of the event venue, CENTQUATRE-PARIS

7. Interact with us: give us your feedback on sessions you bookmarked and much more!

We hope the Swapcard app will help you make the Summit an unforgettable experience, full of inspiring encounters and great business opportunities. We cannot wait for you to join us to make the 5th edition of the HT Global Summit another great success for the international deep technologies!

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