We Are Visual Animals

I recall seeing a study that claimed that 94% of first impressions are design-related and when it comes to user’s perception, visual appeal is more important than usability.

This first impression depends on: structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, amount of text, fonts, etcetera. All of them visual factors. These determine whether they (users) like your design or not, whether they’ll stay and use your service or they won’t.

Despite of this, I think that the importance of visual design is not acknowledged enough.

Not Just Pretty

I do believe in the value of visual design, but I feel frustrated when in the “real world” we often have to convince others as well. We can safely assume that in a world of insights, user-needs, business drivers and technology, there is a space for visual thinking too.

From my understanding, we must fight back against those opinions that overshadow visual thinking, taking away labels like “good” or “nice” already embedded in our feedback conversations both with clients or with our fellows on a daily basis. We must have a heavy-set of point of views, solid work presentations, well-founded background learnings and never deliver just “nice” designs in the way that someone would want it.

We need to tackle new visual communication challenges, guys. So, Let’s work at being better at what we do, not less. This is design, people, not art.

That´s all folks. Thank you for reading.