A not so formal introduction.

My name is Jason, but you can call me Jace and I am a graduate of the City College of New York, with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, or Communications. I’m currently twenty two years old, and Asian American. I want to be famous. Why? I have no clue…

Most of the entries found are going to be a mix of stories I felt compelled to share, my personal diary, me venting to you, and providing a outlook on life in which you might or might not relate.

I’ve written blogs before.

I’ve used MySpace, was too unique for me. Blogger was too boring. WordPress was too complicated. Facebook, as a blogging platform sucks. I’m hoping medium is the one.

My entries are going to be casual, quick, and concise — to the point, just like life.

I hope you like what I have to say.

This is the start of a new beginning.