Today was just a terrible day at work. I just got home, and feeling flustered, in a fit of rage, with no one to vent to, I’d figure I would cast my thoughts here. No one reads my blog anyways, but I have a much better time correlating my thoughts through writing then through speaking. I’m still feeling kind of mad and disappointed, so if this entry comes off as a little bit harsh, you’ll have to excuse me. My thoughts are my thoughts only, and I am bias.

I always try to be the best employee I can for myself and my company. I may not always follow company policy or procedures, but I believe that what I do at work is full of good intentions and has a purpose. I may not always agree with company policy or changes, but I always do what I believe is going to help us, in the long run. If this falls within company guidelines, then great. This usually tends to happen when we have a line of customers or are understaffed.

I especially despise coworkers that use their tenure as an excuse to pave way for said lack of work. I believe that I’m probably one of the most hardest working employees at my store. I’m always trying to look out, help or pave other employees in the same direction.

I know I’m not the best employee, I’m not always the most moral employee or the most ethical. But I pride myself in being the most hardest working employee. I may not always do things smart or intelligently, but I believe hard work trumps smartness.

Part of what makes my job difficult isn’t the job itself, the company does a very clear cut job of describing the descriptions of an employee upon hire, and I haven’t been requested to do things I feel fall outside of my job title. What does make my job very difficult, physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting is the situations we encounter, the scenarios we face, and the problems that arise as part of a fast-paced community. What happens behind the counter is not always clean, but we always try to work to make the customer happy.

I’m not writing this post for validation, in fact, I’m writing this for clarification.