I recently had a check up at the doctors not too long ago. The routine is familiar and always the same no matter where I go. The receptionist brings about a bombard of questions, "are you taking any new medications, how are you feeling, does anywhere on your body hurt, have you taken any drugs?" Like a robot, I answer meekly with a "no, okay, good, no, and no." She then proceeds to record the answers in my file, and carries on with the ordeal. Then they measure my weight and height, something not all that strange to me. Turns out, I am the same height and weight as last year, darn. Then they direct me to the next waiting room, where I am greeted by the eye doctor.

For those unaware, I have been diagnosed farsighted with a dose of astigmatism. What a bad hand I have been delt. As a result, I rely on my glasses to help me see. While not dependent on them, they help my vision see clearly.

I currently am twenty years old, going on twenty one. Being on this planet for two decades now has been quite the ride.

Looking at my life, I graduated high school, am in my third year of college, and got accepted to my school's communications department. These are all accomplishments I am very proud of, but somehow I feel I am missing out on something.

As I snap back to reality, the doctor provides me with a prescription for new glasses. This time, with a better degree then the ones I have on. Wearing my current black Karl Lagerfelds on my face now for over three years, they have been resilient but start to show quite their age. The frames bent outward of shape, the lens all scratched and fogged up, and the nose bridge starting to lose its precious mat black shine. The hinge connecting the frames now weak and without its once snap and bounce, feel weak as I put them on my face. The part where my nose normally rests, now worn out smooth, providing a comfy fit.

Without glasses, the world is blurry but distinct. Without definition, I can make out subtle shapes and colors. With the glasses, everything is clear. I can see farther, things become less blurry, words appear smooth, and everything is crisp and clean.

In a few weeks, I'll be twenty-one and in a few days, I'll be getting new glasses, saying farewell to my current ones. Maybe that's what I need. A new outlook in life. I'm excited for new glasses. For now, I'll continue to enjoy the last remaining days I have with my old glasses and the last remaining weeks I have as twenty, something I'll truly miss.

*this was written when I was twenty years old.*