First aid is important. You never really know when disaster might strike, when accidents might arise. I learned this the hard way when I used to be a counselor for the Young Men’s Christian Association, or YMCA.

Anytime we were to take a field trip, it was mandatory that we took the first aid kit. Inside were the basic essentials, elapsed in a red duffle or school bag. I often found it personable myself to designate me as the first aid associate. That is to say, I always volunteered myself to be the individual that took the extra care and task of being the bag with me.

While most trips ended up fine, accident-free, I’ve often found myself in the habit of carrying the most basic essentials. Even in my daily essential carry, I often limit what I need to carry.

For a while now, I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying band-aids in my wallet. I guess this stems from my days as a counselor, but I still often feel the need to have it at the ready. It’s my trick up my sleeve, or in this case, my wallet.

Protection is key. Being prepared is important.

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