Recommendation, unadulterated, untouched.

November 15th, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Jason Liu as a candidate for admission to your university. After teaching Jason Liu in both English and Government for his 11th and 12th grade years, respectively, I have had many encounters with him both inside and outside of the classroom that prove to me that Jason is truly dedicated to the commitment of academics in order to better himself and to pursue his academic talents. Jason is an outstanding student who puts his all into every assignment and project. He is unique, thoughtful and self-reflective and he is now taking a journey to discover who he is and how he can make himself better.

Jason has always been dedicated to his studies. During his 11th grade year, I was consistently pleased with his writing. All of his essays were well-written and he received some of the top grades in that class. This is especially impressive since English is not his first language and he cannot get any help with his writing in his home. Jason’s excellent essays are a reflection of his hard work, his critical thinking skills and his natural ability to communicate.

Perhaps most distinctive about Jason is his unique personality and outlook on the world. Having grown up in Chinatown with only his mother, Jason has had to make many sacrifices and contributions in order to help his mother and to improve their quality of life. Jason works alongside his mother in their apartment building. There, he takes out the trash and cleans things up, a humbling task for any teenager. This responsibility has taught him to value hard work, labor, and the payment that comes with it. Jason has a very strong understanding of money and his work ethic causes him to value every dollar that he makes. With this perspective, he values all that he has and all that is given to him.

Jason desires to go to college so that he can help his mother financially and also so he can have a better life when he gets older. Though he doesn’t explicitly state it, I can see that Jason is worried about money and he often goes without a meal because he does not want to bother his mom to ask for something if finances are tight at home. I know that this must be a difficult struggle, but Jason takes it all in stride. He maintains a positive attitude and makes jokes to keep his peers entertained. He does not focus on the difficult things that he must deal with, which other students his age may not understand. Instead, he throws all of his efforts into his academics and it is there that he succeeds and shines. He also consistently advocates for himself, speaking to teachers and other people of authority if he needs help or guidance when problem solving.

This year, Jason has also taken on the responsibility of training to become a Counselor in Training at the local YMCA. He began working there this summer through the Summer Youth Employment Program. This job taught him responsibility while managing children and also taught him how to better interact with young adults. I have seen him mature now that he is a 12th grader. Jason is able to be self-reflective and has started to value certain qualities in himself that he may not have acknowledged before. Though I have always known it, I think that Jason has a better understanding of himself and sees that he stands out as different from his peers. In this way, he is special and unique. I think that as Jason grows and becomes a college student, he will grow even more. I urge you to give him this opportunity. His talents and efforts will definitely value add to your university.

I am confident that Jason will thrive in a college environment. I am proud of him for the progress he has made. He has consistently performed as a top student, his writing stands out from that of his peers and his own personal internal struggles and struggles at home give him an interesting perspective on life. Allowing Jason to contribute to your college will be a favor to you both.

Please contact me with any further questions.



Government/Economics Teacher

PACE High School

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