Suicidal thoughts.

I’ve been thinking about suicide lately, or rather I have been thinking a lot about thoughts on which my existence on this planet was to decease. I’m not actually going to go take the plunge, simply because I’m smarter then that, and better then that. I know what would happen if I did.

And this isn’t exactly the first time I have thought about this. I thought about suicide during college, during high school, during the time in which I got fired from my job, and most notably, now. It comes and goes.

I can’t help but question my existence. Is it sad that I compare myself to other people and wonder how come they are so happy and I’m not?

At this point in my life, I should have been further then where I am now. I wanted to be somebody and now I’m not a somebody. I’m a nobody.

I’m tired of this repetitive repetitiveness.