The big red pea coat

I don’t get fashion. Working in fashion, hasn’t exactly helped me understand it quite much either. I’ve always worn clothes for warmth and comfort, over fashion. I prefer it this way. Clothes that look good don’t especially keep you warm, and clothes that keep you warm don’t exactly look good. But given the choice, I probably prefer warmth over fashion.

I suppose people wanting to look good is why they go buy clothes they like.

But fashion is always changing and in order to keep up with the demands of the industry, you would need to constantly be buying clothes. Trends come and go, and you might never know when they come back. Ten years ago, skinny jeans were posed as “gay,” and baggy was the way to go. Now look at where this trend went, through the window.

Now that we have pretty much settled in the twenty first century, I don’t really see baggy jeans making a comeback. In fact, I’ve thrown all of my ill-loose fitting jeans, to prove a point. Fashion moves forwards, not backwards.

I have this red pea coat. Normally I prefer a simple zip up jacket, over top coats, pea coats, or the lather. These types of jackets are too fancy, for someone like me. Sure I feel like a million bucks I wear it, and it garners me a lot of comments, but it barely allows room for layering. Most of the time, I wear it due to the fact that it gets no air time.

Every time it gets chilly, I ask myself if I should wear it. Then I automatically put it back because I tell myself next time. This red coat which was my first foray into fashion, has become somewhat of a burden for me. I love the jacket to death. I maybe love it too much, but I never get the opportunity to wear it.

The buttons are loose, some spots have distressing, which are especially apparent near the shoulder, there are wrinkles near the bending of the arms and towards the back midsection where it has rubbed the back of my school pack multiple times. In fact, I’d argue I’d worn it more at home trying to see if the fit is still right, then I do outside, which is the point of a jacket…

What makes this jacket special is I’ve bought it with my own money. Most of my clothing are either hand me downs, were donated to me, or have been accumulated through the years from friends. Anytime I try to wear clothes I think are fashionable, I tend to gravitate toward clothes I think are warm.

Perhaps this will be the season I wear the red jacket more often and perhaps be more fashionable.

Thanks for reading.

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