Breaking Ground in Beijing

Beijing, China. Fall 2015.

Guests experience the HelpMeSee Eye Simulator during our recent presentations in Beijing, China.

In mid-October, HelpMeSee presented the first comprehensive solution to cataract blindness to members of the ophthalmology and aviation industries in Beijing. We had the privilege to introduce Chinese ophthalmic leaders from Wenzhou and He Eye Care, along with executives from Hainan and KLM Airlines, to our cutting edge technologies. Our leadership team also presented HelpMeSee’s solutions to the leadership of the IAPB (International Association for the Prevention of Blindness) and the ICO (the International Council of Ophthalmology), two of the leading organizations in eye care today.

HelpMeSee’s leadership team demonstrates the advanced visual graphics of the simulator.

Guests learned about our Reach App to help community workers identify and register patients much faster in rural areas. They saw HelpMeSee’s MSICS kit, an unprecedented step forward in reducing infection rates and improving quality of eye care. But most importantly, they were introduced to the HelpMeSee Eye Simulator in its first public presentation.

Dr. He Wei of the He Eye Care System tests the HelpMeSee Eye Simulator.

Hugh Taylor, President of the ICO, summed up the reactions well:

“I was most impressed with the virtual reality simulator that HelpMeSee is developing. There can be no question that a high quality simulator to prepare surgeons for cataract surgery will be an invaluable tool and learning aid. […] I am sure it will do much to improve the quality and volume of cataract surgery and so help us all move towards the goal of Vision 2020.”

HelpMeSee’s Eye Simulator offers unprecedented realism. No other technology has ever offered the type of advanced graphics and lifelike feedback it provides to simulate eye surgery. When they experience it for the first time, medical professionals are often shocked. Here’s the reaction of one guest when she first tried the virtual surgery:

The HelpMeSee leadership team also presented before the annual meeting of Grand Challenges Vision for Vision, a global alliance committed to addressing the most pressing public health issues, including eye health.

Others included at HelpMeSee’s presentations included representatives from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, China’s Ministry of Health and leaders from across the eye care field.

HelpMeSee is a global campaign to end cataract blindness in two decades. Since 2012, we have delivered over 215,000 surgeries in 9 countries, including India, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Togo, Madagascar, Peru and The Gambia.

The HelpMeSee Eye Simulator was developed in collaboration with partners at Moog, SenseGraphics and InSimo.

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