Nepal: 1 Year Later

Our Commitment Continues

Just minutes before noon on April 25 last year, a massive 7.8 earthquake shattered the midday peace in Nepal’s capital. Almost 9,000 died. Another 20,000 were injured. By the time the dust settled, nearly three and a a half million people were homeless and the country faced billions of dollars in costs to rebuild.

A year later, the people of Nepal have made remarkable strides in rebuilding their homes, schools and monuments damaged during the quake. But many needs remain, especially in healthcare. As many as 150,000 people in Nepal are estimated to be blind — the vast majority due to cataract.

A famous site in Kathmandu, Nepal seen before the earthquake of 2015.

62% of blindness in Nepal is the result of untreated cataract.

Patients outside an eye screening clinic run by Geta Eye Institute in Nepal.

Nepal has witnessed enormous developments in eye care over the past three decades and we are glad to be a part of the solution thanks to support of people like you. Our vision in Nepal is to address the cataract surgical backlog across the country. We are working hard to keep up the pace.

Since we began in Nepal in 2012, our local partners have restored sight to 41 people on average each day.

Since we began our campaign in Nepal four years ago, we have supported over 65,000 sight-restoring procedures in the country. But thousands more remain in need of care.

That’s why we set the goal of delivering over 7,000 more sight-restoring cataract procedures in Nepal by 2017. Working with our newest partners in the country, we will soon add 4 additional partner hospitals and at least 10 surgeons to expand this critical eye care to thousands more.

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