Getting Started with HelpStack

Bad ratings in the App Store/Play Store? Want to catch all negative feedback from users before they appear in your app’s reviews? Do your users need more information on how to perform common activities within your app?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it implies that your app needs to provide customer support. And while you’re at it, you would also want to provide it within the app itself. But building & maintaining a customer support tool within your app requires more resources, which might not be optimal for you.

Which is why we built HelpStack. For you.

HelpStack is free, open source and is available for both, iOS & Android. And it can integrate with 3 different help-desk solutions. We have even made it easy for you to customise its looks to match your app! You can find more information here:

But you think, “Do I really want to use this? How will I make use of this? Is it the right tool for my app?”

This post will address concerns you might have at each level and how they can be addressed with HelpStack, as you progress.

Problem 0 — FAQ & Customer support:

You have an app in the store. But you don’t get many downloads because your customers can’t understand it easily. You have not thought about in-app customer support before, but now you might be interested.


You go through HelpStack’s features and you realise that HelpStack helps you add an FAQ section easily for you to address common doubts your customers might face. More importantly, HelpStack also helps your customers reach you at the touch of a button & view those conversations whenever they want.

Problem 1 — Cost-effectiveness:

You are not sure if you want to pay for a help-desk subscription since you are unfamiliar with them. You would like to get things done without incurring much cost and effort.


Here’s a secret: You don’t always need a help-desk solution to use HelpStack. With HelpStack, you can choose the Email Gear, so that issues that customers report land in your Email inbox directly.

“What about FAQs?” If you go ahead with the Email gear, you can use a static list of FAQ articles that become part of your app locally.

Problem 2 — Managing a sizeable audience:

Your app has suddenly become popular since you’ve been listening to your customers and implementing changes that they wanted. But you are not able to handle the large volume of incoming e-mails because of your app’s increasing popularity.

You want powerful tools to respond quickly to customer issues, prioritize feature requests and assign more hands to help you with your app. You also want to maintain FAQ articles remotely, gather analytics data and generate reports of the incoming requests, to better understand what your customers want.

In a nutshell, you need a help-desk solution.


HelpStack can be integrated with 3 help-desk solutions. So, go ahead and choose a help-desk solution that matches your expectations and select the equivalent Gear with HelpStack.

For example, if you decide to use HappyFox as your help-desk solution, you should choose the HappyFox Gear and integrate HelpStack with it by providing your HappyFox account’s credentials.

HappyFox provides you the ability to prioritize incoming tickets, assign them to your customer support representatives, maintain FAQ articles remotely in a Knowledge Base, gather Analytics data, generate reports and much more. For a tour of features provided by HappyFox, visit this link: https://

Problem 3 — Customisation:

You are an active user of HelpStack now and you love it! But you want more features, tailored specifically for your app.


As mentioned earlier, HelpStack makes it easy for you to customise its looks. We have even created few themes for you to try!

If you want more customisations, create a new issue on our GitHub projects explaining the features you want.

If you are feeling awesome, you can also fork the project, make changes, implement features yourself and share them back to us as a pull request, so that everyone can benefit from it. What are you waiting for?

If you are excited to use HelpStack, don’t forget to visit our project pages and add your app in the App Showcase wiki section.

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