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Facebook provides you piles of options to enjoy online social networking by communicating and interacting like being in a family. It reaps you with the feature of teaming up with friends. You can be added to new groups created in facebook or you can add your friends to the groups.

When someone adds you to a group on facebook you will get an update in your notification indicating that you have been added to group.

Facebook Groups

Group is a new feature on facebook where in you get allowed to hang-up online with the bundle of friends. You get an option to create your own communication networks to collaborate and interact more effectively and delightfully. It’s a sort of email communication list giving you a feeling of social functionality.

Types of Facebook Groups

There are virtually three types of Facebook Groups that gives you a great communication feature online:

• Open / Public Group — It is a group visible to anyone on the facebook as per the settings done by group creator. You can see the group description, discussion and content inside the group. If you feel liking it you can join the group and start posting in it.

• Closed Group — It is a group visible inside and outside only to the members of the group. However anyone can view the group outside only as per the default settings set by the admin. You can join the group by sending a request after tracking over the description on group info to see the inside content.

• Secret Group — It is a group visible only to the members of the group not everyone on the facebook. You cannot join the group on your own. You can only join the group when invited by any member of this group.

Adding Your Friends to Group

Facebook has facilitated all its users allowing to create a group on facebook. Facebook grouping enhances communication and sharing with your friends in a particular destination. However the group creator can set the privacy level to Open, Closed or Secret on choice. You can add your friends from your friend list as a group member for all the privacy levels set by the group owner except to Secret Group.

Unable to Add Friends in a Group

Sometimes you seem unable to add your friends in a facebook group because of the following reasons listed below:

• The administrator of the group may have turned on membership approval or reserve the rights to self only. The creator does not want any member of the group to add people without his permission.

• The group creator might have felt that your friend is a fake or abusive profile. So your request in adding your friend to the group of which you are a member has been rejected by the admin.

• Your friend has been blocked by the admin personally or your friend has blocked the group creator personally. So your request couldn’t reach to the admin.

• Your friend didn’t find the group useful or interesting so has left the group own. And has restricted him to add in the group by checking the option not to be added by anyone in future.

• Your friend has been banned from the group by group admin for any reason you are not aware about.

• Your friend has added you to the restricted list of the facebook option or you have accidentally done the same for your friend. So you both will be able to see the limited activity of your facebook networking which might prevent you to add him in the group.

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