6 Ingenious Home Decor Ideas for Summer

The only complaint every individual affirms being a residents of flats in Chennai is about unpredictable weather conditions. No one can forget about aftermath of the turbulence caused by Chennai weather in the past two years. Damages caused were severe for every nook and corner of the city, disabling the connectivity of the residents. The major reasons for this disaster were the improper infrastructure and irregular construction techniques of the builders. Before finalising buying a home from one particular builder, make sure that they have a clean track of records under their cap regarding their constructions. This will ensure a secured buying. Also the design of the home should be Eco-friendly to balance the heat by natural light entering home. There are certain manual ways through which you can ensure this which are listed below.

Make sure to have proper cross ventilation:

Presence of windows in opposite directions will ensure proper cross ventilation. This will allow free flow of air from one window to the other. Place a fan at one of the window and the hot air will eventually go out through the other window. It is essential to check whether a home is ventilated properly to have ample influx of breezy air into the rooms. For this, cross ventilation helps greatly in bringing cold and breezy air from every direction.

Make sure to place artificial water pools and pond set-up in your veranda:

For those who reside in luxury apartments in Chennai and villas in OMR, there is a greater chance of allocating space for your own artificial water pools and fish ponds in your exteriors. This will greatly reduce the heat generated during the monsoon times and balance temperature inside your home.

Make sure to paint your home with cooler colours:

It is advisable to paint your home with cooler colours in a city like Chennai. Opting for paints with non-heat absorbing shades will reduce the heat generated during summer times. Warmer colours such as shades of red, black and hues usually absorb heat and when painted in home, will absorb external heat too. To avoid this, make sure to go for shades of white, pastels or any lighter shades to avoid more heat entering home.

Make sure to choose lighter fabrics for blinds:

There were times that people opted for heavy blinds to close the window place. They served as a decor that provided luxury look and make a home look aesthetically good. On the other side, people forget that use of heavy fabrics would cease the free flow of air inside a home. Thus make sure to use lighter fabrics, especially during summer seasons to let free inflow of air without any hindrance. As an alternative, go for fabrics like linen and cotton that will allow sufficient airflow and have a breezy setting.

Make sure to have plant saplings:

Few apartments in Chennai are adopting unique techniques to inculcate the habit of planting and organic farming. Allocate some area inside your home to practise kitchen gardening which is a popular concept these days. Having saplings inside a home will not only serve as a natural decor but also ensures there is fresh influx of air. There are certain saplings which help in balancing the temperature of rooms. Certain luxury villas in OMR also offer organic terrace gardening as a complementary for their residents.

Make your own air conditioner:

Do reduce the temperature of your home by following this simple do it yourself technique. Fill a brass container with ice water and place it under the fan in your living room. This will distribute cold air across the room reducing the heat to a certain extent. To make this look attractive, place artificial flowers in the container to give a feel of an artificial flower vase.

With the scorching heat waves making the livelihood of people difficult, not everybody can afford for an air conditioner in their home. Use of too many air conditioners also spoils the environment to a greater extent. It is always advisable to go greener and choose these ideas to have a cool environ.