This is us!

Welcome to our blog!

This is our team’s first entry into the world of blogging, so we’ll start by introducing ourselves. We’ll do it by answering a few questions:

Who are we?
We are the Hema software development team. We are all seasoned software developers, but we are new at Hema, and a new team at Hema. We come from all over the world: Australia, Brazil, China, India and South Africa, and we found a new home in the “dungeon” at the Hema office. We even sometimes share our work area with the Hema Map Patrol!

The Dungeon

We are experienced in a wide variety of industries, development tools and languages, and software methods, but we all believe we now have the best jobs in the world (except maybe for the guys at Myth Busters — we don’t get to blow things up at Hema).

What do we do?
We are making Hema’s new software products. You may have already gotten a taste of our work in the new HX-1, but we have a lot more exciting things in the pipeline; more about that later.

Why do we have a blog?
Simple: we want to tell you, our customers, who we are and what we are planning and what we are doing. Because we like to tell these things to people, but also because we want you to have some insight into our world and what we are planning and doing for you.

Another important reason for this blog is to tell you that we hear you. We, the developers, don’t respond to social media messages, but we read it. And we hear your requests, questions and problems. We will endeavour to answer most of them here.

Off course we cannot tell you everything (our competitors are also listening), but we are going to share some really interesting stuff here: some cool things about us and what we do at Hema and how we work at Hema, some things we are planning to do in the future, and some changes, improvements and new features coming your way.

We will also use this forum to help you in using our products. We’ll have an occasional “how to” article to show you how to do certain things on your device or app.

So, please check back often for updates…