7 beauty tricks to look better in photos

Remember the day of a picture at school? Many of us have spent too much time in front of the mirror for the right hair style with too many pins without makeup for the yearbook portrait. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or camera in their pocket to capture the lovely moments. To get ready for unexpected moments is little daunting. No doubt, makeup can cover up the imperfection that you may have but it is not essential for this age of selfie. Here we have simple tricks that will help you to look better in a picture and get unexpected likes on your next selfie or picture. These tricks will help you in the situations where you don’t have anything for final touch up like beaches, hiking, swimming pools, late night parties or more.

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7 beauty tricks to look better in photos: -

1. Take out Red: -

If you have blemishes or scars, try to enough foundation. Don’t try to use dark red or pink blush colors. Highlighting cheeks and sparkling at the top of a nose can be crucial. Put few drops of Vispring to your beautiful sparkling eyes, before heavy and bright eye makeup.

2. Line up to those striking lips: -

Parties include chatting, sipping and eating that can leave the poor impact to your lip shade. Try to set up the good base first, before going with any color. This trick will keep your lip shade feathering during the entire party. Most of the girls also prefer to lip liner to go under enough light for the perfect picture.

3. Fill your brows: -

Brows can make a difference, especially in selfie pictures. Spend some time for an attractive shape of your brows. If you have meager brows, eyebrow pen can help you to fill in an easy and natural way.

4. Lots of lashes: -

Lots of lashes or natural lashes with lots of mascara can leave a good impression to your audience without looking artificial in real life. Only eyes can snatch the attention in photos.

5. Flat Tummy Tucker: -

If you tired everything for your belly fat, but still not getting results then prefer to use tummy tucker. This trick will definitely work for you for the fake flat tummy. A lot of women had tried this trick to look slender in family pictures.

6. Pick pattern carefully and Go natural: -

Prefer to choose a selective and trendy dress for an impressive picture. Try to pick one extraordinary element in your outfit rather than going with different elements from head to toe. Go natural with funky bun or braid, say no to hair spray. Grab the attention by stylish accessories.

7. Find beautiful & enough lighting: -

Lighting is a key mantra of every photography artist. Get enough and beautiful light for the better picture. Prefer to take a picture with a flash test. This will enhance your blush or foundation which is too low or too high.

Last, not the least, take your time to get ready for the final touch. The perfect picture depends upon the location, So take also time to choose best location or angle for a gorgeous snap.