So much happening! Is it all related to your thoughts?

I drive down 15kms to a beach from the place I stay, just to experience the liveliness of people on the beach. Somehow!, I don’t know what the cause, they all seem to be free of their worries. Is it the coolness of the waves? Rising and receding? The free movement of those moments? Or is it the alcohol playing an effect on the mind? Oh yes, I was in a drunk state when I wrote this. Yes, mind can still form constructive and reasonable reasonings!

The beach looks splendid at night! Nowhere you might have seen such a joyous crowd! Free from their worries! Alone, with their loved ones, they seem to find their good moments under such an occasion!

Are we all so stressed that we need alcohol filled moon full night to reflect perfectly on the things happening around us? I mean, we are so excited in that state that we seem to concentrate on all parts! Small and big! And in that moment we seem to understand the cause and effects!

I see a lonely girl happy being by herself, and one other girl who needs a companion to feel good! We humans, although we are on top of the table in terms of mental capabilities, we still need to get what’s the natural way forward!

Our abilities to compare, discrimination, ego, unfortunately gets in our way of action. If only we were able to be mindful of all thoughts going on in our minds and be courageous to make it right for ourselves?

Perhaps, being selfless and to see others happy and love them. That seems something worth to do!