The Opioid crises and the present lifestyle & healthcare situation

Numerous reports on the Opioid crises since it emerged over the day today! Some reports say it should be announced as a national emergency. Some immediate measures need to be taken which will have long term benefits. But is it enough? Until we human beings become super healthy from the inside. Seems not!

Let’s look at some aspects which relates to the Opioid crises

  1. Lifestyle — quick & easy, somehow the body corresponds to our needs!
  2. Easy fixes — for every small physical issue or rather the body has, there is a quick medicine right next to your bed!
  3. Crony capitalism — the whole healthcare system, plus its influencing & lobbying powers on the corruptible aspects of the whole system.

Let’s understand this! Our body is exceptionally capable to go through any physical damage. It is completely the mind’s game. Control your mind and you will see the pain gone. It is all in your mind!

On the lifestyle issue, we all very well know what’s wrong and what needs to be done. Physical activity+Nutritious eating. No time? Well, nothing is more important than your health! Is there?

On the capitalistic system, it is very unfortunate that we keep running the same mistakes over and over. You know how the system can be challenged? By being aware of it and saying no! Be knowledgeable and you can challenge their solutions.

I know there will be countless articles like these. But, guys, time to act?