My Grandchildren

My grandchildren

Very very delicate ,intelligent ,loveable and gifted.

They make my life.

I try to make them happy and cherish the memories of each moment they spent with me. I would like to take them on my wings all around the world.


This vacation I could not keep all my promises.

My grandchildren normally place their demand before me.

I. Will fulfil their demands what so ever it is,except very few.

When Rishi and Sree landed from Dubai I had 101 plans.

Nothing worked out.

I. Have realised a fact I AM OlD

I am not able to do things the way l wanted to.

– – – – – – – –

I could not continue my stories because of so many handicaps.

Today I am in Dubai. I am with my grandsons, son and daughter in law .

The smart boys got a lot of school news ,their achievements medals they got for various events etc. I will hear them with all my eager.

Younger one Sreekanth has got a lot of things to say about his friends. Shivraam the elder is having news regarding the latest I pad Apple Watch etc and the merits of the products.

Today I must accompany Sree when he go to play . He asked for my company yesterday itself.

– – – – – -

Now I miss my granddaughters .I miss my sweet daughter who fights with me for anything and everything.

My husband I do not miss. He is always with me.He is my better half.


I always prefer a joint family with all around. Without any worries,with lot of entertainments the ladies taking care of the children,the male folks work to earn,a lot of maids taking care of each work like that.

But nuclear family concept is all around. Each one is working to earn their livelihood. Inherited money and income from property is diminishing. Ancestral properties are slowly vanishing. Almost all the landed properties have been sold out and converted to either flats or resorts ,may be because they do not generate any income. Coconut yield as well as paddy is not adequate to meet the demands of modern life of the family or even insufficient to make both ends meet.

My son has plans to come back and settle in Trivandrum

Till that I should travel between Dubai and Trivandrum to embrace my grandchildren and will continue till my health permits


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