My son.

My son

I was an announcer in the All India Radio during my pregnancy period. Towards the end of my delivery date I have been relieved from my job. (I have mentioned it before.)By the time a new job was awaiting me . I got appointment in the Sree Chitra Thirunal medical centre (which later turned to an Institute of national importance) as a Receptionist.

My delivery was on 8th February 1976 .I had to join on 16th February

.Again a big hazard.Then I remembered the idiom

Life is a story told by an idiot.

I got discharged from the hospital on the 5th day of my delivery.

I went for medical fitness. The lady doctor asked me ‘do you wish to join now’? I asked her Is delivery an ailment. She did not replay.She issued the Fitnes certificate.

On the 8th day I went to the Hospital (SCT) to join.All the staff members came rushing to see me ,the heroine in their eyes.They didn’t see my mind.In the bottom off my heart was my crying son for my Brest milk the other side was my family without any earning.

The secretory to the Director advised me to extend my joining time at least for another 15 days.My worry was that by that time if they appoint the next candidate I will not even get the job .

At last I have. Joined on 2nd March.1976

On the 29 th of the month of Feb was the inauguration of the Hospital by Mrs.Gandhi The then Prime Minister

I am a mother without a heart. I always feel guilty for not feeding my son properly.The breastmilk coming like a strong stream was for him, which I was squeezing out to the wash basin while in the office, I will be helpless while traveling in public carriages.some times I don’t even get a seat .The elderly ladies may get up and will give their seats and will pity on me for the stream of breastmilk oozing out of my blouse

With broken heart I entrusted my son with a servent maid. Most of the days Ser will stay back to look after Munna our beloved son.

When I come back from hospital my son will be waiting with wide opened eyes , most of the time crying.

How can l go without seeing the sobbing face of my son .I took maximum leave.even loss of pay. My probation got extended.being a habitual absentee.

All my co workers found it difficult to adjust me.

– – – – – -

My family consisted of my mother,sister,brother,brother in law their son one year older than my son and my husband ‘s nephew.

Mother was working. The only support I got is of my brother,even if he was a student.My nephew was only in the 4th standard. He was not of much help.

Meanwhile was the General Election .My husband was in charge of Kazakkootam an outskirt station of Trivandrum.Because of political reasons my brother and brother in law had a fight. That affected our family. My mother , brother,and nephew shifted to another rented house. My husband was reluctant.But I have pressurised him to shift.

The New house was near to my Hospital. I could come and feed my son during lunch break. This gave me a little relief. But that did not last long. My husband had a bad Typhoid which happened to be critical.It was in early 78. He was worried that we will be left alone if we live away from his other relatives.

We have moved back to his native village, another rented house.

There we bought a piece of land and built a house of our own . We underwent lost of hardships.

By the second half of 1978 I got pregnant. 1979 Feb my daughter was born with out much problems.

1980 May 18th was our house warming.According to my son’s horoscope he must have a house of his own before he is three and a half years old.

All the predictions in the horoscope has become true so far.

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