Thought on feminism

Do you think I am a feminist? Well I am not.But I strongly believe in women empowerment.Power means power in all sense .Political, economical ,educational and even muscle.Skill is the essential part for the same .Some are blessed with inborn talents which need only nourishing.A major some should work hard to cultivate it.

Money makes power.A woman need financial stability .

There is a lady who sell eggs.She has got 3 children.All grown up.She do the same job for more than 45 years.Some times she used to sell some snacks too.But when her daughter got married she stopped bringing snacks.She sell the eggs for 50 paise more than the market rate.We all know about it .Still I buy eggs from her.This I do as a token of appreciation for her earnest effort to support her family.More than the capital gains,end of the day what she gets is SATISFACTION.

She is the one I admire.

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