Own A Digital Land (SPACE) In Any Part Of The World — courtesy of SPHEROID UNIVERSE

You don’t need a crystal ball to know that the age of Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is here. Are you feeling missed out because you weren’t able to own a piece of land/plot or a real estate in your country/place of residence or is it you who’s feeling unlucky cos you weren’t able to secure that piece of land you’ve always been wishing for because it was already taken (bought) by someone else or is it you who wishes to secure a plot of land outside your country like in Europe, USA, Asia,...etc?, then worry no more cos your wishes/dreams are about becoming a reality. By taking an action today, you’ll have the opportunity to own a 3D plot of land (known as SPACE) or even a real estate at your preferred site in your motherland or even in any country of your choice on this continent — courtesy of SPHEROID UNIVERSE.

Briefly, Spheroid Universe is a decentralised AR social network/platform for business, advertising, entertainment…etc within the integrated space of Earth’s augmented reality. It’s a platform for investors, artists, developers, businesses, Ad agencies & ultimately, for EVERYONE. The earth is spherical in shape and the world of Spheroid Universe is the world of the earth’s augmented virtual reality comprising of a limited number of 3D plots called SPACES. Each space has a size of 50m X 50m wide with an infinite height (but there’s a limit to where you can visualise up to). Spaces have precise geographic coordinates on the earth’s surface which can be filled with visual information such as advertising, visual imagery, entertaining and other contents grouped into layers within the #Space. There are a total of 8 layers within a single space (likened to floors in a building) & as a space owner, you can manage informations within these layers & monetize them. The SPACE as a commodity is a digital asset/an intellectual property that is created, registered & protected on the basis of and in accordance with European Union laws & it becomes yours forever (space ownership is permanent) with you having the sole right/authority over it.

Spheroid Universe AR Marketplace

The PRIMARY marketplace where it’s possible to purchase SPACEs with Spheroid Universe’s native tokens (SPHs), fiat & over 400 cryptocurrencies has been operational since Q4 of 2017 and in Q4 this year (2018), the SECONDARY marketplace will be launched where it’ll be possible to RENT or LEASE out your space to advertisers for ads placements, RESELL it at any price of your choice, use it as a collateral, pass it on as inheritance...etc.

Spheroid Universe marketplace comes with solutions to problems currently facing the AR market/industry. These include but not limited to ;
Efficient Instruments & Services - with Spheroid Universe, users can publish & monetize their contents using the platform’s instruments without having to invest in the development & promotion of their individual apps.
Advanced Analytical Instruments - businesses and Ad agencies can plan & analyse their businesses based on the data accumulated by the platform
Global Project Audience - last but not least, as opposed to the lack of established audience in the current #AR market, Spheroid Universe presents global project audience where participants appeal to the project’s global audience, augmenting it via engagement of their audience, creating and developing their activities on the platform.

Reasons Why You Need To Invest In A SPACE/SPHEROID UNIVERSE

Now if you’re sceptical and asking yourself why you need to invest in buying a space, then below are some of the reasons why you need to take an action ;
1. A working product - Spheroid Universe’s operation platform, marketplace and apps (iOS/Android) are already functioning
2. A team with top competencies in their areas,with experience in building global infrastructure projects
3. The number of SPACES is limited (due to the limited Earth’s surface) & even more limited in major cities around the world so the VALUE of spaces will only appreciate with time
4. A market (AR/VR) with an explosive growth potential in the next 3 - 5 years
5. Diversification of part of your crypto assets to include a crypto-fiat digital asset (SPACE)
6. SPACE is the private ownership of AR digital plots in accordance with international law with a blockchain property rights ledger.

Join me at #Spheroid Universe http://bit.ly/su77 today & get up to $225 worth of Spheroid Tokens (up to 2,250 SPHs) which you can use to purchase SPACE (a 3D plot of land/digital land) or better still hodl the tokens (SPHs) and sell them later on when they launch on exchanges. Prices of SPACES ranges from 10 SPHs to 20,000 SPHs depending on the city, country and/or monetization potential of the SPACE. The introduction of the Internet, Real Estate, Bitcoin,…etc made early investors Millionaires/Billionaires, the good thing is that opportunities keep presenting themselves. Don’t worry if you missed out on the previous opportunities, if you’ll also take an action today, you could also become a Millionaire or Billionaire tomorrow. What are you waiting for?, grab as many SPACES as you can — this is a one time opportunity & can be a lifetime fortune for you.

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Official Website : https://www.spheroiduniverse.io

Whitepaper : https://www.spheroiduniverse.io/pdf/WP_eng.pdf

Youtube : https://youtu.be/ceKBo68zVrw

Telegram : https://t.me/spheroiduniverseio

Twitter : https://twitter.com/spheroid_io
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/spheroiduniverse