Nicole Pytlinski’s Henderson Intern Perspective

There are hundreds of employees in the Lenexa office of Henderson Engineers, and I have yet to come across someone who just simply walks by me. Each person that I have encountered stops and realizes that I am a new face around. Multiple people have even found me on the company locator and made it a point to personally welcome me by coming over to my cubicle and introducing themselves. This environment was not what I expected when going to work in an office, but I am feeling more involved than ever in Henderson’s company culture

I have witnessed multiple interactions between employees demonstrating sincere interest in what each person is working on, what’s going on in their personal lives, and acknowledging one another’s hobbies. These genuine conversations provide a positive atmosphere around the building.

Anytime there’s an event or activity at Henderson, everyone is involved because everyone cares enough to be involved. Even as an intern, I never feel excluded from anything that happens. We’ve also had multiple events that involve all of the Kansas City interns bonding, as well as getting to know other interns around the city. There’s been meetings to introduce us to Kansas City and all it has to offer pertaining to entertainment and culture. Those small efforts on Henderson’s part help make those of us who are not familiar with the area much more comfortable.

As for a typical day in the office, I can ask as many questions as I need to in order to do my job correctly. Everyone is more than happy to help me out and answer any questions I may have about a project. This open communication has helped me learn a lot more about the industry. People are open about their past mistakes whether it’s navigating on the programs we utilize, using the plotters and scanners, or just general lessons learned from previous projects. This openness has encouraged me to learn from my own mistakes.

I interviewed Jarrett Griffin, who has been at Henderson for four months. Jarrett is an Electrical Designer, and he described the company culture as a very relaxed environment that is set up to create comradery between co-workers. Jarret says that this type of environment makes it easier to get things done because it is not “cutthroat” competition. Everyone listens to one another and provides a comfortable place for discussion and questions, regardless of someone’s level in the company. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed from anyone and everyone; it’s not just the executive leadership who make the important decisions. Compared to other places that he’s worked, Jarrett emphasized that people around the office at Henderson are able to talk more freely, which he says helps everyone complete work more efficiently.

I also asked Casandra Peters how she feels about the company culture. Casandra has been at the company for six years and works as both a professional engineer on our refrigeration team and as assistant director of our Henderson wellness program. She emphasized the “Henderson family” and said that the company culture is a major reason she enjoys coming to work every day. Casandra finds herself talking about all the great people she works with when asked about her job. She says all of the employees become your friends who care about you and what you’re interested in. She said, “Henderson recognizes that people are their greatest asset, and it shows in how they invest in the lives of the employees, whether you’re a new hire or you’ve been here for 25 years.”

Henderson Engineers has proven to have a great company culture, encompassing a positive, encouraging, and efficient work environment that allows employees to be successful in their work every day. I have experienced nothing but respect from everyone at Henderson and truly enjoy coming into work every day, and am excited to see what the rest of this summer holds.