A brief differentiation between Physical Servers & Cloud Server

It is important to clear some of the facts straight out before indulging into final decision making regarding the infrastructure of the server. This is the high time as these days almost each and every business around you is moving towards cloud and virtualisation.

Mentioned below is a breakdown of the physical environment, cloud and virtual environment that will help you in deciding which solution is better for your organisation.

Cloud Servers: — Cloud is not a new solution it has been used since generation, earlier it was known as outsourcing. The terminology cloud has got quite a good traction from the decision makers as it sounds like a cheap and wonderful solution in order to remove IT considerations from a Business.

A regular user of IT services know that the quality of services varies greatly among providers. With some providers being exceptional but gradually fails to deliver at times after years of effective service. Cloud solutions are something in which one has to go deep down with open eyes and a crystal clear understanding regarding, who will provide, what is going to be provided, who has the access to the information and ultimately who is it secured from all disasters pertaining to business.

The benefits of using cloud server are:

They enhance productivity and are economical.

Easier to streamline the operations since most of the cloud services integrates with one another.

Proved handy when it comes to the use of business resources efficiently.

Private Servers: — In private servers, pieces of hardware are configured in order to perform the assigned tasks of the business. These hardwares inside the server play a key role in the business, from web Host Server to the Mail Server or even a combination of a wide variety of role whenever required.

According to Gigaom, dedicated servers may be the most financially viable option for startups because of the cost of maintaining a cloud service.

Following are the benefits of the Physical Server: -

It is an ideal choice for the small business who have limited needs.

It has the ability to perform all the assigned tasks that are required for the day to day running of the business.

These kind of servers remove the load of uptime and maintenance onto the shoulders of the service providers.

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