20 Photos That Champion The Youth Of Today

The media gives young people a hard time — and we’ve had enough! It’s time to empower tomorrow’s artists, leaders and influencers. To give them the credit they deserve. To celebrate and highlight the life and strife of a 21st century kid, whether it’s the fun they have or the challenges they face.

That’s why we teamed up with The Phoblographer — to run the Youth Of Today Mission and ask EyeEm photographers: What does being a youth in today’s world looked like to you?

Check out a handful of top shots from Youth Of Today:

By Vladimir Gheorghiu

By Mayank Gautam

By Henk Holveck

By M E L

By Joshua

By Jamie Phan

By Nugraha Kusuma

By qiqiqq

By Jaakob Lahtinen

By Flavio Edreira

By Hom Mali

By dogora

By Corrado Piccoli

By Johanna

By Atullya

By Nazir Azhari

By Nicholas Jones

By Toshio

By Indra Widi

By Uriel López 🎬

Congratulations to @VladimirGheorghiu — his photo was picked as the winner of Youth Of Today. The prize? To star in his very own interview and feature on The Phoblographer. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Header image by @Atullya.

Originally published at www.eyeem.com on February 17, 2016.

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