Sorry, Donald Trump, it can’t be infinity
Ethan Siegel

Hi Ethan, it’s always tricky for a scientist to become political. What you are about to say about politics is probably just as informed as a politician to say something about scientist. So, fun read (and if you look to the video, what to make of Aldrin’s expressions?), but statements like this undermine what you are trying to achieve namely; discrediting Trump.

Now, I am not a scientist either but what I read about our universe is this. The universe was probably there for a infinite time, right? Because maybe the Big Bang was just one in a serie of big bangs.

Second, maybe was the big bang just a big bang, because I truly believe the universe maybe a lot bigger than just our big bang.

Infinity of what? Of space? Of Time? Of energy before matter?

As it appears now we probably will never make it to any star, right? Certainly not in our lifetime or Trumps for that matter.

So Trump may be right but probably for the wrong reasons ;-)

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