Thanks for breaking our connected homes, Amazon.
Rand Hindi

If you read the terms of IFTTT it cleary states “THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTY”

There’s a gap between IOT and industry standards and regulations. This gaps exists because every product or system that has relation to safety must have some engineering standards. Simple said: The real “if this then that” scenario’s. In case of electricity / doors and other safety related stuf, it should have a proper fall back for when something went wrong like missing connectivity.

So these exposed “fails” exist not because Amazon f*cked up, but because of lack of engineering. It’s a good thing though. Because with proper certified and regulated standards, innovation speed will drop down to snail speed.

The horrible micro-usb standard as an example.

Well, if IOT producers keep stuff to this fallible level, regulations will pop-up in no time and they will. So enjoy this speed of innovation as long as it will last.

Next time, when buying some IOT device, think for yourself and do some risk analysis.

This is *not* about the question; “cloud or not to cloud”. It’s about proper engineering.

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