Can science prove the existence of God?
Ethan Siegel

It’s always fun to ask the “God” question. My wife is always saying “Believing, is not knowing for sure.” (yes, freely translated from Dutch).

The universe is a weird place and it might come into existence through an idea. I don’t know.

However, what I do know is that religion (as product of believing) has not brought us great things. That churches still preaching about being gay is wrong breaks my heart. I cannot have respect for that. To me it appears that human are to easily corrupted. Also, i keep wondering, the bible and the Koran both came into existence in their current form many year after the prophet. How can it be uncorrupted?

Also, when the entropy of religion is so high, wo can say who is right or wrong?

When I think about God, and if you like to believe in (a) God, the only question you should ask yourself is; “What does God want?”. It will help to do the right thing. You don’t have to believe to do the right thing.

Well, internet killed the whole thing anyway. No miracles to be found. No paranormal activity is ever recorded that could not be explained.

With being human we are offered a window to view the universe and a glimpse of eternity. Sub specie aeternitatis.

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