Traditional means of recovery are still valid options — cloud backup, key generation using a word…
Tomislav Markovski

Well my point is a little more fundamental…

You cannot prove any identity as a person in a ledger. You can identify a wallet, and you can identify that someone has the proper keys to that wallet. But you cannot make assumptions that it is Alice her wallet. Or that Alice signed a transaction with her wallet.

To put it more simple: Alice can create an account on a website. But as the owner of that website you cannot prove that Alice logged in or someone whole stole Alice her credentials logged in, or even that Alice is really Alice.

Sure, you could ask Alice to transfer one dollar to your account and that bank account could be Alice her bank account. But still you cannot know that it is Alice logging in.

Personal Identity is a bitch.

The only way to really know that Alice is logging in is when she is at the same physical location and she is carrying her ID or Passport with her and you identify that it’s not stolen, nor falsified, etc.

Decentralized Identity is way more complex than stated.

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