Apocalypse Soon
Henry Wismayer

Well. Yes. You are hysterical.

You took one direction, but you’ve could have taken another one as well.

  • The world is not overpopulated, the world probably can contain a tenfold of people
  • We are able to produce enough food for those people.
  • We are in a knowledge transition that will help us to establish a more sustainable planet
  • We will adapt to climate change

We indeed didn’t evolve since the late thirties. It’s not strictly necessary.

We created our own illusion. Everything we see around us in our daily live is designed by us layer over layer. But in the end it’s quit simple. You life and you die. There was an eternity before you and there will be an eternity after you.

Though it doesn’t appear that way. I believe the West is getting more stable. If we don’t do anything foolish the follow fifty years things will improve for the average person.

I like to believe this more than your pessimistic horror story. Though we both don’t know anything for sure, my vision on things feels much better though…

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